- how could we write for & with animals as animals?

animal writing prompts

- prompts with resources, examples, strategies, and questions, including photography, film, music, and poetry

    - example:  animal-writing playlist

animal-writing introduction (forthcoming)

     - bibliography of animal-writing and notes on practicing animal-writing

     - ...

- recipes
     - ...

- amicuc curie
     - ...

- encylopedia slaughterhouse
     - ...


     - The Language of the Slaughterhouse
- ...
     - Transgression of Motion 
- ...
     - An eco-egoist destruction of species-being
An eco-egoist destruction of species-being


          alive stock? 

- somewhat comprehensive list of vegan activist organizations and NGOs

Animal Kill Clock ***
- ...

Animal Liberators Frankfurt
- ...

- ...

Articles on Animal Activism and the Animal Agricultural Industry 

41% of Land in Contiguous US Is Used to Feed Livestock ***
     - ...
     - Half of the world’s habitable land is used for agriculture

Why the Anti-Factory Farming Movement Needs Direct Action ***
     - ...

LA Pig Slaughterhouse, Farmer John, is Shutting Down
     - ...

Matt Johnson: My arrest and aborted prosecution... ***
     - ...
     - An animal rights activist was in court on criminal charges. Why was the case suddenly dismissed?

Meat Industry’s Bestiality Problem
     - ...

Meat, monopolies, mega farms: how the US food system fuels climate crisis ***
     - ...

- US bird flu outbreak: millions of birds culled in ‘most inhumane way available’
     - ...

- They’re cooking them alive’: calls to ban ‘cruel’ killing methods on US farms
     - ...

- Animals farmed: Spain’s ‘poor quality’ meat, heat stress fears and billions of animals destined for landfill in the US
     - ...

- ...

Cancer: Carcinogenicity of the consumption of red meat and processed meat ***
- ...
Nutrition Facts: Processed Meat and Cancer

Counter Glow ***
- comprehensive map of slaughterhouses
- let each be turned into sanctuaries

Direct Action Everywhere ***
- a global, grassroots network of activists working to achieve animal (and human) liberation through nonviolent social and political action in one generation
- DxE’s Strategic Roadmap
- Rescued hundreds of animals from slaughterhouses, laboratories and other places of violence
- Chapter Organization Workshops
- No More Factory Farms bill
Berkeley Animal Rights Center
- Animal Liberation Conference
- Where it’s at: parachute fruits & Direct Action Everywhere

Eating a Certain Protein Is Related to Developing Depression
- we plants could be happy plants

Farm Animal Wellfare Newsletter ***
Farm animals at the Supreme Court

Green Pill Podcast with Wayne Hsiung ***
- ...
- Wayne’s Youtube:
     - Millions of animals were roasted alive for the crime of being (possibly) sick
-  Wayne’s Blog: The Simple Heart

Heifer Breeding Soundness Exam
- Dr. Dudley:  Culling heifers with inappropriate pelvic areas removes those outlier individuals that don’t fit with the herd. Heifers with too small a pelvis to successfully deliver a calf unassisted should not be kept for welfare reasons.

Humane League 
- reforming slaughterhouse industry?
- informative reports
- grassroots education for students

- read the federal guidelines for slaughter of poultry, cattle, swine, etc.
- To assure uniform unconsciousness of the animal with every discharge where small-bore firearms are employed, it is necessary to use one of the following type projectiles: Hollow pointed bullets; frangible iron plastic composition bullets; or powdered iron missiles.  


Nutrition Facts ***
     - Healthful eating and nutrition research may not make anyone money, but what if our lives would profit?
     - Daily Dozen
      -  Processed Meat and Cancer
      - Cancer and How Not to Get It
      -  Phytochemicals: The nutrition facts missing from the label
      -  Calculate Your Healthy Eating Score
      -  Good, Great, Bad, & Killer Fats
      -  If Fructose Is Bad, What About Fruit?
      - How Low Should You Go for Ideal LDL Cholesterol?
      -  Can Cholesterol Get Too Low?
      -  Carnitine, Choline, Cancer and Cholesterol: The TMAO Connection
      -  Oxidized Cholesterol as a Cause of Alzheimers Disease
      -  How Do We Know that Cholesterol Causes Heart Disease?
      -  Alzheimer’s and Atherosclerosis of the Brain
      -  How the Dairy Industry Designs Misleading Studies

     - ...

Porkopolis: American Animality, Standardized Life, and the Factory Farm ***
- ...

Public Justice Food Project ***
- non-profit using targeted litigation to address the structural inequities of our exploitative food system

- ...
- r/AntiVegan

Smithfield’s Ween-to-Finish Farm Virtual Tour ***
- isn’t it clean? 

Vegans For Peace ***
- Empathy in Action
- grassroots non-profit
- go vegan for the animals and the environment

We Animals Media ***
- royalty free photojournalism on animal abuse and exploitation 

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