litany of the green lion: returning the concrete to the concrete and the concrete to the grass, or how grass conquers the necropolis in d.a.levy’s Cleveland undercovers
- puddlethumb attempts to make visible the cloud bridges
- product of an honors thesis, which will develop into the framing for a full biography and anthology on d.a.levy
- this paper investigates how levy’s concrete poetry and revolutionary, anti-capitalist politics develop out of his Buddhist perspectives and practices

Chronology of the Life & Work of d.a.levy (1942-1968)
- yearly biographical information of levy alongside Cleveland and American historical events
Works of d. a. levy
     - as written by James Lowell of the Asphodel Bookstore

Cleveland Dreams
- ...

Cleveland Memory Project
- free, vast archive of levy’s underground newspapers, collage, and poetry
- Ubu Web’s Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle collection
          - largely available on Cleveland Memory, but a wonderful presentation
- Outlaw Poety’s  version of levy’s preface to SUBURBAN MONASTERY DEATH POEM 

d.a.levy homepage
- visual & lexical poetry, essays & commentary, and an extensive bibliography
- a d.a.levy satellite
          -spokes in the wheel of levy Karma: essays from contemporaries and explorers
- The EPIC of d.a.levy
- Ode to d.a.levy by Ed Sanders

Darryl Allan Levy Facebook
- get into contact with brothers & sisters to levy in the vast Buddha-fields

deep cleveland: the d.a. levy center for progressive poetics & the art of the spoken word
- perpetuating the literary legacy of cleveland's late, legendary poet, artist & underground publisher d.a. levy, as well as cleveland's "mimeograph revolution" poets of the 1960s.

French translations of d.a.levy
- ...

ghost pony press: d.a.levy
- resources on d.a.levy (mostly included here)
catalog: zen concrete & etc. edited by Ingrid Swanberg

if i scratch, if i write
- documentory on d.a.levy featuring readings and interviews from d.a.levy, Allen Ginsberg, and Cleveland poets of the 1960s

Kent State University archive
- largest collection of levy originals - visit it!

Verdant Press: d.a.levy Bibliography & Information
- ...

WorldCat , d.a.levy
- note the absence of new publications!

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