Concern Newsstand
- curated e-commerce book & zine store based in Chapel Hill, NC
betweenthehighway receipt book issues 
betweenthehighway receipt book issues

- local chapters sharing free vegan and vegetarian food with hungry people in protest of war and poverty
- Keith McHenry and Chaz Bufe’s Anarchist Cookbook
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- The Carrboro Really Really Free Market
          - community event where people share food, clothing, household appliances, books, and more

Inter-Faith Council
- non-profit confronting poverty and building community empowering residents with access to housing, shelter, community kitchens, markets, voter engagement, and much more

Jenna and Friends Animal Sanctuary
- volunteer sanctuary for rescued animals in Carrboro, NC

Poets Union
- member
Reading Room

- poetry workshop community of over 150,000
- introduction to r/OCPoetry (forthcoming)

- non-profit providing hunger relief and nutrition education to children living in Orange County, North Carolina 

Vegans For Peace
- Empathy in Action
- grassroots non-profit
- UNC-Chapel HIll: student oragnization, tabling on the exploitation of the animal agricultural industry, volunteering at local sanctuaries, and providing writing workshops

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