Alexandre Ferrere
Mechanical Ode to a Snake


         Sometimes there is no
       thing left to do—Comment
     se souvenir of what happened to us
             between language & language?
          My words can’t think
               & I don’t know
        as many words as you do.
     You must be lying down
in the yellow of another sunflower;
    or your back against the wall;
  you’re not precise but exact—I wait.
          I swallow an oyster
          the size of a world—I hope
          to choke on a pearl,
     only to find my heart is broken,
a hole the      shape of a gunshot—no one moves,

so I toss            a coin
         & up    it goes
                             & up it’s still going.
   I obey the phases of the moon.
(Vitre)                                                   (Vitriol)
                     Spin like a devil.

I’m gonna dig
                      through the ashes
                      through God
                      through I’m through
& hide
            behind the log house
            behind the veil
            behind you
            behind the night
            behind language
  until behind decays decays decays to