Nick Felaris & puddlethumb


hi, my name's perseus

do you have one?
a name

no, well, want a tab
of gum?

you aren't my blauberry!

i'm spliced i'm unopened
until the elevator flies

unopened gum looks like cyborg tongues
but i know
its the living light folded
through a brain-mountain

i like to chew gum FUCK don't mind thattt

this is the sub
stance of g()d a luminous
wide vein spreading itself
into a white cloud inextinguishable
flower from your uncrowding
throat ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

gum relieves agitated nerves in my jackeljayjaw

a different arrangement of proteins, wright?

yesterday-today i bought
Bubble Yum 3D-printed my soul
at a gas-station near Olympus Mons
a column of calm water
through the flesh of a brilliant sky

would you help me lop-off
the heads of false Medusas, Messiahs & Mariahs?

back in the days when i was a teenager
they sold your thumbs for funky poodle bait

is your shield a mirror too?

does your soul fit in a pair of Nikes size 10 1/2 ?

do you ever feel your brain is chewn gum?

my choir without tongues
in the eye of a farmiliar altar
sings electric chicken hearts
Paul Ryan at a red light for 3 eons

watch the sun's tendon encircle
crush a black worm into

but what does the quarterback
do when their team becomes defense?

i know the universe is contracting
from a dull gumgod infinity

when gas-soaked monks cease
to be a novelty for stone swans
watch yourself from a familiar
afternoon across a changing-river

if you want to blow a goddamn bubble
stretch it with your tongue
flatten it 'gainst your teeth

greeting a blade of grass with a blade of grass

ever had your blood carbonated?

i know there's a hole in my head
the slow morphing of clouds
through my sun'''mouth

why are you still holding a sack of frogs?

my mum gave me lavender FUCK eyes
in a wreath of delusionreinforced angels

how many times can you be re:::
born as an intern for WikiLeaks?

let's try to pointlessly fuck  b i g s k y
my teacher's teacher

what commercial or genetic
divisions will the eternally innocent
murderers invent next?

looking back through a gate of lips
your psychic highway was my
technical religion....

where did my teeth rivulet?

i masturbate two plexiglass crosses
filled with albino elephants

we were living in an almond milk
'patadise before you threw blue nets
over our emptied sun

well, you want a tab
of gum oarknot?