Kibbutz in the Sky

cleveland, i gave you
the poems that no one ever
wrote about you
and you gave me

not that i
ever wanted much
a place to write
some printing materials
so i could take my time
& write beautiful poems
& study
but you laughed

& when i got sick
& couldnt afford a doctor
you looked the other way

you told me
i couldnt experiment with words
had to understand the rules
of the game - - get credentials

i watched my teeth rot
& laughed

what could your schools teach me?
how to be a bad poet? After
paying out $5,000. . .
or perhaps
after a scholarship brainwashing
i could sit on my ass
& write to an audience
i helped to murder
with dead poems
safe poems

Tell me about your Reality
and ill tell you
cleveland You Dont Know
Where Its At
investing your children in
apathy & imprisoning everyone
you think is a leader -

there are rules to the game
you havent learned

1000 ways to destroy the
monopoly you think you have
on limited thought processes
tell me about your reality
and ill tell you
There is no Security
in the universe

Who In The Hell
Do You Think You Are?
attempting to control God?
to stop motion!

cleveland if you think
you can corner a piece of time -
move to another galaxy
and keep pretending
but even there
we’ll move over you
in a few million re-entries

cleveland i gave you
poems that no one else had time
to write
& you arrested me


in the days unborn
you will find my brothers
ARMED with words you havent
even dreamed of.

you will move
or be plowed over -
eaten by vultures
like a corpse
& slowly
change. . .