i dont see any other way
this city within me can survive
and I am already too old to be yr future
you are always too safe
you are always too late
everyone wants to be jesus
everyone wants to be martyred
everyone wants to be a bodhisattva
without getting their hands dirty


like "unarmed confrontation"
i want to see the day when
the city confronts me openly
or sincerely for something other
than information
"I can open the doors for you"
the voice sez & forgets to tell you
the magic words, the words of power
that stop you from having the door
slam you in the face

i can open my own doors
and get them slammed in my face
who needs help!


as a poet i try to learn
how to remain human
despite technology
& there is no one to learn from
i am still too young to
be quiet & contemplative


my wife & i
take an evening walk
around the block
(are we that old)
there is something beautiful
about her something
some dream thing in the cloudless sky

i know my dreams are unreal
but they are my dreams
on hot summer nights
we hate each other
& it is beautiful . . .

peace & awareness are
like two small birds
trying to leave the planet
because they are tired of dying
im not advocating anything