Daniel Flosi
still in this place where there is no sun

didn’t    know it   then                we walked

     right into her    angry   mouth

acorns                          dripped                       


downhill      into another   hill

subsumed           every    thing

   we held dear    this    summer

rattlehum    of Subarus

   Toyotas in the parking            lot

        cornerstore    dreams     liquor

lies still   in this place

          where there is    no   sun

     never was  the stone            crouched

     you crouch      on has memory

is memorial    the settlers

   that settled   these hills subdued

  imbue with      power

unable to find    a simple     line

  through                      this                 hill

O Avalo

      you                   should                         


we       didn’t mean                  to     


then again          the insectuous

  death  rattle           slow             drum

of marching                     toward

kids                smoking            pot


hear it

      instead                look us                   


      in the eyes            tell us

to      fuckk-off        home

y o u    s   t   r   o   l   l        

plumb       into

the   depth          of  her

    angry     mouth black

hole       subsuming every      living

of course    the    footpath

      long        eroded                                     

                     y  o  u               p  a  s  s  e  d

right in     willing

      is this a virtue      i wonder

   the      final        crickets

continue           to    scratch

      their     foreign  hymns 

then   all worms     froze 

          the black  maw       filament

detonates          dark side

  of 5 AM     divergent narrow      path

       along this     sloping     slant

becomes  what we would   become

      if we believed    in     anything 

     nonexistent         exhausted            


betweenthehighway CCLA 0.4
visible and invisible
streets meet