from yezo garland

a reply between streams
of burning doors complete memory
resting in your breath’s heart

sound of sun after inheriting breath

intention of grass bending over your shoulder

wind folding
inherited memory

deer faint
through black trees

remembering rain carry light along spine

distant circle of trees below mountain ridge

grass covering distant eyes grazing winter’s
valley complete sound and motion
of speaking beyond its description in memory

snow in a tree of sky
listen to water opening light

4 bleeding jewels in mirrored palms

wrap sleep’s tendon over warm pews burn wind
through wandering sky blind motion
of sun above distant ridge

night returns in falling eyes of a flowering field

black eyes
clearing distant

black and gold tongue balanced over river mist

rounded black rocks against
motion of folding clouds your thin pews burning
remainderless in exchange
hooves threading trees of open fields

shadow of bird’s wings circling memory of mountain

snowpath interior
black tendon

roar blacksun spirits speaking with bridging bells

deer with wind with silent and wheeling voice

enclosed in your action a memory of dawn and night

walk your winter through loose sleep
crossbudding slopes seaward

one silence

what memory-paths
you’ve crossed

moon breaking across river with waking child

circling light nested in deer’s eyes

climbing light outside sound of memory

a sky tendon reaching outside your inheritance
seizing hooves over a mountain of light

thin and distant
trees folded into
silent embrace

carry bodhisattva’s light with crossing family
world's arrival in opening eyes of yezo deer