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if you’re not walking between the highway to sell, carry, breathe & shed soft deaths, it can be easy to forget you’re living in the managed decline of our Global Capital Empire. betweenthehighway developed out of conversations with those dealing with food & home insecurity between highway 54 in Carrboro, NC.

betweenthehighway publishes 3-5 receipts every June 17th as well as free receipts on January 30th and November 24th.

beyond contemporary publishing, betweenthehighway publishes the only in-print versions of Cleveland publisher and poet d.a.levy.

after production costs, all profits go towards authors and food insecurity.

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  • breathing exhaust, empty our luminous path between the highway

  • provide an extremely simple surface for writing: receipts & concrete

  • misunderstand what you may misunderstand 

  • remove poetry from the academic historian machine and the people in power who have needs so great they’ll kill us to express their inability to become human

  • growing patiently and leaping towards the sun with you as long as we are tired of dying

  • share absolute poems (each poem - a death of words, each poem - a death, each poem - a poet)

  • know why we are dying and struggle to live through the laughter of money’s nightmare

  • drink jasmine tea among withered trees in an emptied ocean

  • cross the black lake through boundless snow 

  • walk together beyond the highway and across a bridge of clouds to a new sun rising over the ashes of our necropolis

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