this is a work of Fiction with complete resemblance to the arrival of our world.

i cut my thumb - bleed on the cover. 

Nate Hoil stays one word ahead of us beause he is an army of babies, tossing TVs through hotel windows. 

i carried this book with me for three weeks.

Nate Hoil’s voltas are a box of donuts; the donuts are livers and the livers are as large as an ocean. 

let’s take a walk into and out of a castle of cash!

Nate Hoil’s voice is half a lion and a single beer.

this book is held by brown threads knotted in the center.

Nate Hoil is symbolic of the actual Nate Hoil.

how does your head feel when excavated? 

let’s turn every gallery inside-out!

Nate Hoil knows the Lord is a castle of cash on fire...

Key Tower is a space flower given to us on our Universe’s military money pilgramage.

each poem immediatly expresses itself and leaves the stage. 

each head, a lonely tombstone inside a mosquito.

each gallery, a mountain excavated for excremental weapons of faith!

all of Nate Hoil’s nature poems are sex tapes.  

when Nate Hoil is between words, everything stays the same...

— puddlethumb, alex benedict

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