Rémi Forte is a typography teacher at Strate École de Design, foundry manager at 205TF, and phD candidate at Université Paris 8.

Recently, Rémi and I have been exchanging books. Earlier this year, I received “hmrnu”.

“hmrnu” is a set of four illustrations. each illustration is a square of twelve lines. each line is an alternative sequence of spaces and the letters h, m, r, n, u. all the letters are plotted in a distinctive, sans serif font. every letter is plotted – some overlapping.

reading Rémi Forte’s “hmrnu”, I wrote…

two executives reborn as calves

CALF ONE: room, are you?

CALF TWO: rumour, are you? umm… you, you, you, are you?

CALF ONE: mmhmm…rumen-handed.

CALF TWO: are you? are you? haha, hah-hah, rumen.

CALF ONE: you. no, me! you rumen roam.

CALF TWO: hurry; return. now or never — now!

CALF ONE: humor, me? are you no one? remind me…

CALF TWO: no human. me, me!

CALF ONE: room me; are, are you numbered? heard.

CALF TWO: you hear men; no, urine.

CALF ONE: no men. you are you…umm…numbered.

CALF TWO: nerve, how you undo humming reeds numbly.

CALF ONE: …men, no hmm…roots!

CALF TWO: you, you, rumours are you, moon?

CALF ONE: are you humor, rumen?

CALF TWO: hands no hands are, are humming hoofs, huh…

CALF ONE: room! you need my you.

CALF TWO: room humming, heard you? reeds, heron returning!

no, no, run! hoof moon. are you numb?

CALF TWO: rumen heard; now, hello me red.

me, me, rumen — are, are you needed?

CALF TWO: room. hide urine here; men need

CALF ONE: hundred — no, more. returning umm…

CALF TWO: numbers, new roots. hurry, huh…

CALF ONE: hello! you may never human.

CALF TWO: urgent mirrors, umm…

CALF ONE: roots, roots — your money moon.

CALF TWO: rumen-nerved, hello. know yourself? root humming

CALF ONE: huh? remember our numbers…

CALF TWO: you are moon; returning heron, roar home roar home.

CALF ONE: no, no, run. names mirror /

CALF TWO: are you numbered? nearing names

CALF ONE: hmm…men numbering roots…

CALF TWO: you need many hands. you rumour no hunger red /

CALF ONE: my numbed no — handed names judgement

CALF TWO: umm… numbered renewal. human—you.

CALF ONE: hurry ahead your memory.

CALF TWO: homing roots — you urine rumour

CALF ONE: are you me? roots judgement money…

CALF TWO: men are men…! run home; no head returns.

CALF ONE: reeds humming home, healing — hearing rooted-moon

CALF TWO: new moss, you are mother: hearing, rearing.

CALF ONE: hear robin, rain hunting numb. run. no home — memory…

CALF TWO: men red urine need money home now

CALF ONE: hum numb memory, moss marrow nomad?

CALF TWO: roots red — urine mirror; hurry!

CALF ONE: no, head rinsed moonless. need, need hundred-nerved money /

CALF TWO: judgement, umm… naming roots nerves?

— puddlethumb, alex benedict

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