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- unique concepts for new publications and collaborations between underrepresented artists
- donate zines:  8 BALL LIBRARY

Active Distribution
- DIY and voluntary project since the 1980s supporting the distribution of all-things-anarchist while maintaining a not-for-profit ethic

Antipode Zines
- partnership of zine enthusiasts curating a collection of self-published and small press publications from across the world

Antiquated Future
- online store, zine distro, pop-up shop, and tape label from Olympia, Washington, currently operating from Portland, Oregon, which employs the future to preserve the past

A Seat at the Table
- ...

Bear Book Market
- ...

Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop
- ...

Birdcage Bottom
- publisher and disto of self-published and small press comics, prints, and apparel

Black Birch Books
- ...

- ...

Bluestockings Cooperative
- ...

- ...

- spreading zine readership to lesser known zines, other handmade items, and prints

brown recluse
- distro supporting zines written by trans and queer people of color

Bunny Ears
- audio zine distro!

Burn all Book and Friends
- riso studio and distro of artist books, comics, zines, and prints

City Lights
- ...

Community Radio
- spreading zine love to all communities while being committed to community-building and social justice

Concern Newsstand
- curated e-commercebook & zine store based in Chapel Hill, NC
- betweenthehighway receipt book issues
- betweenthehighway receipt book issues

- world’s only goth zine distro! for outcasts, by outcasts

D.A.P. / Distributed Art Publishers
- ...

Driftless Books & Music
- ...

Eat My Words
- ...

EcoLit Books
- ...

Elliott Bay Book Company
- ...

Emerald Comics
- independent comic distro from Seattle, Washington

- books, chocolate & brews
- receipt-books incoming!

Fact & Fiction
- ...

Fireside Books
- ...

Firestorm Books
- ...

Fitz Books
- ...

- label and online shop from Mexico City

Green Apple Books
- ...

Harvard Book Store
- ...

Heavy Mental
- zines and comics challenging discrimination and offering queer feminist perspectives

Housing Works
- ...

Jura Books
- ...

Kilgore Books & Comics
- ...

Left Bank Books
- ...

- ...

Look Mum!
- per zines, sex work zines, sex zines, art zines, queer zines, practical radical zines, anarchist zines, and more!

Mainstreet Trading Company
- ...

Massive Bookshop
- ...

Mend My Dress
- small press and distro from Tacoma, Washington, preserving zines in anthologies

Mercantile Library
- ...

- empowering publisher and distro from Portland and Cleveland. posing the question “How can we remove barriers to success for marginalized people in our industry?”

Mother Foucault's Bookshop
- ...

- source for novice and veteran zine makers/enthusiasts to sell their work and support eachother

Open Books
- a poem emporium

- micropress and zine distro from Ontario

- photography, art books, comics, collage, printing services & gallery 

Pearl Street
- ...

pen fight
- feminist and queer small press and shop from Manchester, UK

Pilsen Community Books
- ...

Politics and Prose
- ...

Portland Button Works
- custom buttons, pins, magnets, and more!

- ...

Prairie Lights
- ...

Printed Matter
- ...
Digital Downloads

Quail Ridge
- ...

- ...

Radiator Comics
- distributor, producer, and promoter of handmade, self-published, and small press comics with a focus on storytelling and self-expression

Red Letter
- internantional ‘occasional distro’ of zines and independent art publications from New Zealand

Santa Cruz Bookshop
- ...

Shoot Film Co.
- distro of zines and books featuring photography shot on film

Silver Sprocket
- comic publisher, anti-professional dumpster fire, bicycle club, and activist collective from San Fran

Skyline Books
- ...

Small Zine Volcano

Spit and a Half
- zine and comix distro since 1992

Stay Kind!
- publisher and distro of zines, buttons, and other creative works, supporting local community organizations doing work around racial justice, gender, sexuality, youth voice, animal rights, violence intervention and prevention, and mental health

Sticky Institute
- defenders of zine culture since 2001 who run - Festival of the Photocopier

Strand Book Store
- ...

Sweet Candy
- book publisher and zine, book, and DIY etc. distro

Talking Leaves...Books
- ...

- health and wellbeing site with empowering zines, tools, and articles

the concern newsstand
- find our books here!

the word distribution
- distro of zines on the finer things in life - light and airy

Third Mind Books - Beat and Beyond!
- ...

Unabridged Bookstore
- ...

Uncharted Books
- ...

Unnameable Books
- ...

vampire hag
- perzines, food zines, and art zines

Volumes Bookcafe
- ...

Wasted Ink
- zine store and community space uplifting marginalized creators and hosting the Phx Zine Fest

- ...

Wooden Shoe Books & Records
- ...

Woodland Pattern
- ...

Wow Cool
- producer and seller of mainly comics, but also zines, books, and records

Zandbroz Variety Fargo
- ...

Zine Gang
- zine and comic distro from Melborne, Australia

- monthly zine subscription service

zines with sol
- zines by and for BIPOC, Quer, Trans, and Non-Binary parents and community, raising the liberated seeds of tomorrow

     other directories

- Independent Bookstores in the US & Canada

- Open Book

- New York Bookstore List

- a running list of bookstores that have unionized
     - unsure of accuracy

- much of this list is from NONMACHINABLE’s Guide to Zine Distros

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