RE-VIEWS could be…

  • responses to writing that seek to share writing  
  • conversations between writers
  • ‘creative’ replies to writing (additions, extensions, reimaginings, recontextualizations, etc.)
  • readings that open up writing’s possibilities
  • commentaries that share your experiences with the writing, ask questions, and shift between interpretations

RE-VIEWS are listed below:

          Support Nicole Nesca and Screaming Skull Press
          by purchasing their books here.

          Support Nate Hoil and Secret Restaurant Press
          by purchasing their books here.

  • betweenthehighway receipts  (forthcoming)

         Here’s my art: it’s paper.
  “I say it has value;  
  why can’t you agree with me?”


               — Paul Lukcas

Supporting small press writers and publishers is an opportunity to support the means of free speech, encourage experimentation, and engage with an interdependent book-making community. 

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          generally, if you share a RE-VIEW,
          it will be shared here;
          why limit the publication
          of people engaging with writing?
          why limit writing?

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streets meet