RE-VIEWS could be…

  • responses to writing that seek to share writing  
  • conversations between writers
  • ‘creative’ replies to writing (additions, extensions, reimaginings, recontextualizations, etc.)
  • readings that open up writing’s possibilities
  • commentaries that share your experiences with the writing, ask questions, and shift between interpretations

RE-VIEWS are listed below:

          Support Nicole Nesca and Screaming Skull Press
          by purchasing their books here.

          Support Nate Hoil and Secret Restaurant Press
          by purchasing their books here.

          SupportRémi Forte
          by purchasing their books here.

  • betweenthehighway receipts  (forthcoming)

         Here’s my art: it’s paper.
  “I say it has value;  
  why can’t you agree with me?”


               — Paul Lukcas

Supporting small press writers and publishers is an opportunity to support the means of free speech, encourage experimentation, and engage with an interdependent book-making community. 

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          generally, if you share a RE-VIEW,
          it will be published here;
          why limit the publication
          of people engaging with writing?
          why limit writing?

Review Resources

Minute Review
- Periodicities
- otoliths
- Protean
- Asymptote
- Trnsfr
- Above / Ground
- 3:AM Magazine
- Heavy Feather Review
- Sad Girl Review
- Woodward Review
- Broken Pencil
- 32 Poems
- Rain Taxi
- Third Coast Magazine
- Cleveland Review of Books