...would you like your receipt?

accounting books, called daifuku cho, were popular in Japan during the Edo period (1603-1868). oftentimes, they were used as travel journals; although our receipts are scrolls (bearing resemblance to maki-mono), we continue to misuse the ledgers of capital. 

...who runs this junction?

betweenthehighway press is maintained by alex benedict. from the Cuyahoga Valley, alex nested in the Cleveland area and cleans ink off the massive cylinders of offset printers for a living.

...why betweenthehighway?

stocking & clerking at Han-Dee Hugo’s in Carrboro, NC, I walked along, across, and between highway 54, talking with the evicted, exploited, and ignored. reciting sutra from the median, the highway laughs as if to say “see if you can say something!”. 

...why receipts?

returning home on the highway from my clerk shifts, I started writing with misprinted receipts. 


- receipts are a simple surface
- receipts are cheap
- receipts designate lawful purchases, which the exploited cannot always afford
- receipts are portable, foldable, and continuous
- receipt word processors are free 
- receipts are the detritus of capital
- receipts are prayers to the American God
- receipts can be mutagenic 
- receipts express themselves virtually (the coating turning black where heat concentrates in the thermal print head)


always —  
although BTH currently publishes only 3-5 receipts each summer and further publications on occasion. 

everything is printed on receipt paper.  
     - concerning width, consider formatting your writing legibly for 2.25 in. 
     - concerning length, published manuscripts have wavered from four to forty standard, single-spaced pages.

regardless of how you share your writing or its potential difficulties translating into a receipt, BTH welcomes formatting challenges.

BTH favors long poems, but collections, prose, and visual text art is welcome. 

BTH is interested in animal-writing, working class perspectives, collaborative projects, concrete poetry, creative responses, translation, unfinished work, writing that engages with the receipt. 

after production costs, authors receive half of proceeds and a reasonable number of author copies. whether you’d like to just share a single copy of your book with your favorite Aunt or if you want to gift personally signed copies to the entire staff of your local YMCA..., we will work something out.

as of now, receipts editions run 50-300 copies.


if you are a library, archive, or  educator and would like our receipts, please write to betweenthehighway@gmail.com and we can provide receipts at half the cost.

if you are a bookstore, please write to 
betweenthehighway@gmail.com for sample receipts and consignment details.

betweenthehighway receipts are held by...

- UNC-Chapel Hill’s Sloane Art Library
- University College London Library
- University of Arizona Poetry Center
- Colorado College Library 
- Sticky Institute
- Zine Volcano
- concern newsstand
- 8-Ball Archive 
- peel gallery
- and more!

betweenthehighway sporadically distributes at markets, fairs, community libraries/pantries, and by hand. 

...what’s your tech.?

brother TD-2120N label printer
- 2.25 in. thermal receipt paper


unless otherwise indicated and barring author choice, all published material is under Creative Comrades Liscense Agreement 0.4.

copyright specific to author choice is indicated on receipts. 

copyright specific to levy is ‘copyrot’, but complicated by university archives. all levy asked for was to be read...


after production costs, half of proceeds are shared with authors and the other half for food insecurity.

primarily, proceeds go towards buying food, maintaining food drives, and redistributing food with FNB and local food insecurity organizations such as TABLE. for general finances, look here.

...receipt pricing?

although receipts from contemporary writers are available for $9 each, they are priced cheaper in bulk by publishing cycle:

S1 - 2021 receipts
- S2 - 2022 receipts
- ...

list of comparably priced products

if you are unable to pay, BTH loves exchanges! if you are able to exchange books/art, write to betweenthehighway@gmail.com

if you are unable to pay shipping, no worries! during checkout, there is an option to purchase without paying for shipping. however, if you are able, shipping is only $2 for 1-3 receipts and $4 for 4+ receipts. 

if you are unable to pay or exchange any books/art, we have free receipts!

...would you like a piece of gum?


- share
- tear
- shed
- bleed
- soak
- scratch
- burn
- fold
- mold
- cry over
- write over
- bite
- stuff
- and scuff

your receipts before bookmarking.

what questions do you have?
write to betweenthehighway@gmail.com