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food insecurity non-prophet
Cleveland, Ohio - Cuyahoga Valley

betweenthehighway started from behind a gas-station register and developed in contact with food & home insecurity along highway 54 in Carrboro, NC. In 2024, the press and its editor returned to nest in the more agreeable climate of Cleveland, Ohio. 

betweenthehighway publishes three to five receipts every summer as well as free receipts when the occasion demands. 

betweenthehighway publishes excerpts of Cleveland publisher and poet d.a.levy

after production costs, profits go to authors and food insecurity.

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  • breathing exhaust, empty our luminous path between the highway

  • provide an extremely simple surface for writing: receipts & concrete

  • misunderstand what you may misunderstand

  • remove poetry from the academic historian machine and the people in power who have needs so great they’ll kill us to express their inability to become human

  • growing patiently and leaping towards the sun with you as long as we are tired of dying

  • share absolute poems (each poem - a death of words, each poem - a death, each poem - a poet)

  • know why we are dying and struggle to live through the laughter of money’s nightmare

  • drink jasmine tea among withered trees in an emptied ocean

  • cross the black lake through boundless snow

  • walk together beyond the highway and across a bridge of clouds to a new sun rising over the ashes of our necropolis