- organizations connected with betweenthehighway

          - example: r/OCPoetry
               - poetry workshop community of over 150,000
               - introduction to r/OCPoetry (forthcoming)

          PRESS ON!

          - directory of over 1,700 publishers from across the world 
          - documenting exploitive practices (forthcoming)
          - introduction to the publisher directory (forthcoming)


          - resources on admiring, learning about, and practicing Buddhism

          - example:  84000
               - to translate all of the Buddha’s words into modern languages, and provide open and free access


          - resources on Cleveland publisher & poet darryl allen levy

          - example: d.a.levy homepage
- visual & lexical poetry, essays & commentary, and an extensive bibliography


          - resources for making art, inlcluding podcasts, articles, organizations, essays, videos, and art

          - example: Jackson Maclow on Pennsound
               - I am the sound I can hardly ever wait to be


          - information and resources for publishers, focusing on non-instittional, self-sustaining, and community-oriented practices

          - example:  Al Brilliant Interview
               - publisher of Unicorn Press, book-maker/writer/seller, gardner, friend to all, advocate of community justice, bus-stop journaler, etc.


          - directory of zine and independent publisher distributors from across the world

          - example: Concern Newsstand

               - curated e-commercebook & zine store in Attic 506 in Chapel Hill, NC


          - animal-writing resources, animal agricultural industry information, and dietary health information

          - example:
animal writing prompts
               - how could we write with animals as an animal?


          - you hear this?

          - example: puddlethumb’s animal-writing playlist
               - collection of songs for, about, with, and by animals
               - share a song!


          - some philosophy, some of the dharma...

          - example: Anarchist Library
               - read and share essays!


          - heads that do more than read the screen

          - example: Varn Vlog
               - hosted by C. Derick Varn
               - (forthcoming interview)


          - stand up; you’ve been sitting too long!

          - example: Prison Books Collective
               - all volunteer non-profit sending free books and resources to people imprisoned in North Carolina and Alabama


          - wonderful people doing wonderful things

          - example: cris cheek’s Junkyard


          - try me

          - example: true randomness

share something and we will add it!

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