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Nate Hoil

the future of rock n roll

beumuth: apa rtm ent


Alexandre Ferrere

PhD candidate, poet, editor, and musician, Alexandre Ferrere is 31 and lives in Cherbourg, France. 

Tommy Noell


read Return from Falcon Prison: Death Row along an Invisible Street

Nick Felaris

Codex (Nick Felaris) is a multimedia graffiti artist, musician, and animator from Toledo, Ohio. 

Joey Puckett

Joey is an undergraduate in Ohio with strong interests in American and Russian literature, chaotics, and satire. He is working on his first novel.  


puddlethumb (alex benedict) is a Jōdo shū Buddhist from Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley, currently tutoring at The University of North Carolina’s Writing Center and Orange County Literacy.


Cleveland publisher 

betweenthehighway CCLA 0.4
visible and invisible
streets meet