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Nate Hoil

the future of rock n roll



Alexandre Ferrere

PhD candidate, poet, editor, and musician, Alexandre Ferrere is 31 and lives in Cherbourg, France. 

Tommy Noell


read Return from Falcon Prison: Death Row along an Invisible Street

Nick Felaris

Codex (Nick Felaris) is a multimedia graffiti artist, musician, and animator from Toledo, Ohio. 

Joey Puckett

Joey is an undergraduate in Ohio with strong interests in American and Russian literature, chaotics, and satire. He is working on his first novel.  

Pragya Vishnoi


Daniel Flosi 

Daniel J Flosi is the founder of Black Stone / White Stone Zine and author of the chapbook Cries, the Midnight Sky (Bullshit Lit, 2023).

Ruth Jeffers

Ruth has lived in North Carolina most of her life, but she likes to write about the times when she didn’t. She currently lives in Carrboro and cares for rescued farm animals.

Madison Krob

Madison Krob is in the internet-age space of storytelling. Her work interacts with virtual reality and the weird things you find in your grandmother's basement. In addition to her website, she can be reached visually at @maddykrobon Instagram.

alex benedict

alex benedict maintains betweenthehighway press. Currently, he lives in the Cuyahoga Valley and is writing a biography of Cleveland publisher and poet d.a.levy.  


Cleveland publisher and poet

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visible and invisible
streets meet